Wednesday, January 27, 2010

city of the blues

as well as the wonderful zoran orlic taking these fantastic photos, our mate shannon has thrown together a recap of our little gig in the land of ice and snow from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow, as well as provided us with some footage we peeked at through our fingertips. thanks, shan!

EXIT-lite = Lissie + Courtney - Pam. The duo traveled to Chicago to perform at a friend's birthday bash in January. Once their fingertips thawed out they rocked The Leadway in a short but powerful set filled with originals and a few well-chosen covers. Here is one fangirl's account:

Beneath The Quiet started the show with a pensive and quiet vibe, but Courtney and Lissie's voices joined at the end, bringing the song to a joyful conclusion. Martha Wainwright's Bloody Motherfucking Asshole was a great choice to showcase both EXIT-lite's musical talent and sense of humour. Courtney busted out a fuzzy distortion for Rather Let You Go, making her acoustic sound like an electric. Josh Ritter's sweet plea to Come and Find Me was made more poignant by the harmonies from Courtney and Lissie, which managed to cover both the high and low ends of this lovely lament. On Once I Was, Courtney's voice captured the melancholy of the Jeff Buckley version, and the addition of Lissie's vocals brought the song to a haunting end. Courtney introduced Calling as a song she wrote for all her favorite songwriters; it had an imminently hummable chorus and a coda that sneaks right up on you. Radiohead's Backdrifts was a funky little ditty in the hands of EXIT-lite, and you could tell Courtney and Lissie enjoyed kicking out the jams, as much as they could in the small space. Mark Geary's It Beats Me was brought even further to life when Courtney encouraged the audience to join in, and it was punctuated by an impromptu riff of Sexual Healing tagged at the end, thanks to Lissie. The fuzzy distortion was back in effect during Fall to Rise, this time with bonus delay pedal! It was introduced as "a ghost story" but I think Lissie should have said, "Our next single" because this one is radio-ready, my friends. When Courtney said they were going to play their last song, the birthday girl yelled out a special request for The Frames' Underglass, which she had heard them soundchecking earlier. Since there was no bass in the house, the crowd rose to the occasion and hummed/sang/slurred the bass bits while EXIT-lite gamely bashed it out, leaving everyone with smiles on their faces. The set was closed out with The Waterboys' Whole of the Moon, a favorite of buskers everywhere. Though perhaps never in the history of the song has it ever been finished off with a verse of Arclight by Irish band The Fat Lady Sings. But that's just the kind of night it was. Loose, fun, unexpected; musicians and audience alike smiling and singing along to the last note. Next time, bring Pam along and make it EXIT-full-on.


  1. rockin' review, shannon! as the birthday girl in question, i demand EXIT play all of my fetes from now on. and bring the bass next time. :P

    - andrea

  2. I am so exited to see EXIT back gigging again! I have missed you all very much! Hoping to see you at one of your performances soon.
    ~Karen, San Diego